University of British Columbia


UBC hired us to develop an advertising campaign to promote their Optional Residency MFA in Creative Writing program, in addition to recommending a media buy.  We combed through previous campaigns and the demographic data provided by the university and finally found a treasure trove in their student evaluation forms.  With a bit of imagination and the target market firmly planted in our minds, our team developed the “Where I’m Writing From” campaign.  The campaign is alive and well on their website, and has attracted the attention of other universities.

The UBC Optional Residency MFA in Creative Writing attracts students from all over the globe – from across North America and beyond (everywhere from Den Haag in the Netherlands to Santiago in Chile).  Students take distance education classes online while remaining at home.  Optional summer intensives on the Vancouver campus of UBC enable them to meet faculty and other students face-to-face, and provide a complement to the work performed online. The optional-residency program mirrors UBC’s highly-regarded residential MFA. Students graduate with the same degree, and are evaluated by the same criteria and standards.