Timis Corporation


We are working with Timis Corporation, based in London UK, to re-brand their entire organization – starting with a new logo and brand standards guide, and the development of a website that better accentuates the fact that there is a strong philanthropic component to the work Frank Timis does, in addition to the enterprise side.  Bringing the human element forward is key to telling the story behind the Timis brand.  Forthcoming elements will include a glossy magazine, project-based brochures and the launch of a social media presence and a regularly updated news feed.  We are very excited to be telling this good news story.

Timis Corporation has a portfolio of businesses in the mining, oil and gas, life sciences and agricultural industries, including African Minerals, African Petroleum, International Petroleum, Pan African and London Pharma.

The Timis group of companies works closely with local Governments to give back to the communities in which they operate. They invest heavily in the local infrastructure by building hospitals and schools and actively generating employment opportunities for the local workforce. They also support environmental and cultural projects.